5 Wedding Photographs Every Couple Wants

Wedding photographs provide a way to look back on your big day and reminisce about the romance, beauty and fun. Every wedding is unique, from the dress to the first dance. However, there will always be certain wedding shots that will prove to be extremely popular with brides and grooms. So before your big day remember to talk to your photographer about what photographs you would like and how to get the best shots. So here are a few ideas for memorable photographs to enjoy looking back on.

The Venue

It is important to set the scene of your wedding day. This can be done with a few beautiful venue shots. Your photographer will hopefully have a look around your venue before you get there to decide on angles and elements that will portray the venue in the best way. You may also be able to tell them why you chose the venue so that they can capture some of those elements in their photographs.

The Venue

The Dress

Out of every aspect of the wedding, the bride has probably taken longest to choose her dress which is why it is so important that it is photographed correctly. If a dress has a lot of detail on it, it can often be difficult to make sure you get the right shot which is why it is a good idea to discuss photographing your dress with your photographer separately; perhaps at the beginning of the day before you are dressed.

The Men

Wedding photographs don’t all have to be serious and soppy which is why many couples like to mix up their album with a bit of fun. Men can often be notoriously difficult to photograph as they may be more likely to feel awkward posing. So in order to overcome this there are a number of different styles of photograph that can be taken. You may be familiar with those relaxed shots of the male members of the wedding party walking towards the camera or jumping for joy; these types of photos will be easy to take and bring years of enjoyment.

The Cake

The Cake

You may have spent hundreds of pounds on your wedding cake put a lot of planning and effort into it; so naturally you’ll want to remember it. You don’t need many photos of it, just one perfect one so have a word with your photographer and let them know. Photographers such as http://nickrutterphotography.co.uk will be happy to provide you with a few different ways to get the photograph that you want. An excellent choice can be a beautiful photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake.

The First Dance

The first dance will often be the first time that a bride and groom get a moment to reflect on the day, look into each other’s eyes and truly realise that they are now married. This can be a beautiful moment and is definitely one worth capturing; so make sure that your photographer knows what you want and how you would like the day capturing to make sure you can look back at your photographs in years to come and remember what a wonderful day you had.


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