6 Male Fashion Disasters You Need To Avoid Falling For This Summer

Some men will seriously fail this summer. Their fashion disasters will be so horrid they’ll have to take a long look at themselves in the mirror. Let’s look at the disasters that will take place so you can avoid falling for them too.

 A tight-fitting shirt

 These should only be worn by men that have sub 10% body fat and everyone else should stay away. When your t-shirt wraps tightly around your body it means we can all see things you don’t want us to see. Your man-boobs will make you look pregnant and your multiple spare tires around your belly will make you look like you’re trying to smuggle a huge pile of jello around with you.

fitting shirt

 Wearing a stylish hat

 It’s going to be sunny so you’ll understandably want to keep the sun out of your eyes, but don’t think you can get away with a stylish hat when the rest of your clothes are scruffy. It takes a certain type of guy to look cool in a fedora hat and anyone else just looks like an idiot. If you want to protect yourself from the harsh rays you should stick to a regular baseball cap.

 Throw away stained clothes

 I know you’ve had the shirt for the last 10 years and it’s your favorite one, but if it’s got a stain you can’t get rid of it has to go. The scruffy look doesn’t stretch as far as clothes with old stains on them because you’ll look like you sleep on the street. If you’re lucky you might be able to go back to the store to buy the same one, but if not you’ll need to find a new favorite shirt.

 Becoming the rainbow man

 Guys don’t usually like to wear lots of different colors, but you get the occasional person who confuses himself with a peacock. He will wear the most extravagant colors he can find and each piece of clothing with be a different color that doesn’t look good next to the one beside it. You should stay away from these people, but if you’re one of them you should have mercy on us.

Buttoning up every button

 The same footwear every day

 I can understand why you would want to wear the same footwear every day if you spent a lot of money on a pair of custom made shoes, because they’re unique and you want to be different. We all know nothing you wear is custom designed and you just have one pair in your wardrobe. Even if you buy one extra pair it will give you something to swap with every once in a while.

 Buttoning up every button

 We should have a word with clothes manufacturers because I feel they’re to blame for this strange phenomenon. If you didn’t have ten buttons on your summer jacket you wouldn’t use all those buttons. Maybe from now they should start leaving a few off for people that can’t take the hint. If you button your jacket straight up to the top people will look at you with pity in their eyes.

Buttoning up every button

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