9 Essential Tips to Purchase a 5-Stone Black Diamond

Black diamonds have become more popular, surpassing all the colored diamond categories. It may be due to the color black. About a decade ago, black diamonds were quite cheap because most of the researchers and collectors were interested to acquire black diamonds.

The current marketing campaign put black stones in spotlight and the prices have risen very sharply. However, today the black diamond market is very much comparable with that of white diamonds. When it comes to selection of diamond rings, following tips can help you avoid getting ripped off with bad deal.

Black Diamond

Do Your Groundwork

If you want to get info regarding the black diamonds, there are several resources. These diamonds are crystallized carbon and they are just like regular diamonds. The natural black diamond is pretty expensive and quite rare. Here are few tips that can help you in purchasing black diamond.

Know Features In Prior

You need to know that a smooth surface, good cut, and rich color is the pride of these diamonds. A black diamond is completely a real diamond.

Before knowing the features, you need to learn about the 4C’s. All the diamonds are evaluated on the basis of color, cut, carat weight, and clarity. Black diamonds do have very simple cut and surfaces look pretty smooth. Diamond color should be distributed very evenly. Clarity represents the presence of flaws and illusions.

Black Diamond

Know Its Weight and Clarity

A black diamond should possess asparkling and glossy surface. Diamond weight is determined with the term “carat”. However, we all know that black diamond has greater density when compared with white diamond; 1 carat black diamond appears smaller when compared with 1 carat white diamond. Several black diamonds that are available in the current market aren’t real and they are treated as stones or they are simply dark green stones.

Comparing the Prices

If you are planning to purchase black diamonds, you need to do little research on different online sources. You need to check out several online portals and then simply compare the prices.

Comparing the Prices

Beware of Misleading Advertisements

You need to be careful since there are many misleading ads. Go for diamonds that are GIA certified.

Consider Diamonds That Come with Good Color Combination

It is advised to select black diamonds that come with white color combination. A solitaire black diamond has got strong personality. Combining the white diamonds with black becomes more poetic and it also enhances the beauty of the diamonds.

Inspect the Diamond before Purchasing

You can check the diamond under fiber optic light. Black diamond appears to have dark brown eyes.

Diamond before Purchasing

Consider Purchasing over Internet

More surprisingly, purchasing Black Diamonds online can beapleasant experience. You can get a variety of stones and best prices over the internet. However, it is east to purchase online and make sure that you purchase from a reputable portal that can guarantee the product with proper maintenance, cleansing and other repairs.

Check Vendor’s References

It is again important that you consider few things before purchasing the black diamond over internet or from retail outlet. Before buying, you need to check the vendor’s credentials and association with public as well as professional organizations. It is important that you inquire about the credentials. Make sure that you check the feedbacks from previous customer reviews present on different consumer forums.

Black Diamond Ring Purchasing

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