A Guide to Using Pearls to Enhance Any Look or Style

Common Uses of Pearls

Pearls are most often used as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. However, there are other fashion uses of them, many available at PearlsOnly Canada. They can be used a hair ornaments, both as a subtle accent and as a multi-strand fashion statement. They are used to adorn purses, shoes, watches, eyeglasses, and even t-shirts and jeans. Pearls are found in almost every fashion item imaginable.

Using Pearls

Formal and classical Styles

Pearls add style statements to formal fashions, such as wedding dresses, wedding veils and other headgear, and tiaras. They also add subtle statements of fashion to classical suits and business attire. A single pearl as an earring, a single strand necklace, or a single pearl as a watch ornament, will add a classical look to any attire.

Ancient headgear was often adorned with many pearls, often being almost completely composed of rows and rows of pearls. As they were so expensive before the 1900’s, when cultured pearls first appeared, only nobility could afford these elaborate headdresses prior to that time. Thus, they made a statement of wealth and power to all in ancient times.

Informal Styles

With the advent of cultured pearls in the early 1900’s, they became so inexpensive that almost anyone could afford them. This lead to their being used in more informal ways. Even t-shirts and jeans, some of the most informal of wear, are sometimes adorned with pearls.

Sneakers and purses are adorned with accent pearls, and they are sometimes even made entirely of pearls. A single pearl earring is not so dressy that they cannot be used with jeans and a pretty shirt for a day of shopping.

Even a hairpin adorned with a single pearl gives an accent that makes a fashion statement with formal wear. They make a statement that the woman is definitely a woman of taste.

Informal Styles

Funky or Unusual Accessories

Pearls are used as funky or unusual accessories and trims. Some of the unusual places they are found, and some of the funky accessories, include:

  • Shoes, both dressy and casual
  • Shoulder necklaces
  • Collars
  • Purses
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans
  • Headdresses, such as tiaras

These are only a few of the places pearls can be found. They are just a suggestion of the many funky accessories where pearls can be found as accents.

Author Bio- Marybelle James dreamed of a pearl-accented wedding gown from the first time she saw one. That was just the start of her love for pearls and her writing about all the many uses for them.


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