Are There Any Differences Between The Freshwater Pearls And The Cultured Pearls?

Well, you may find it contradicting, but the freshwater and the cultured pearls are similar as well as different in many ways! Surprised? Basically, there are two categories of pearls that exist in the world. They are Freshwater varieties and the saltwater ones. They can be either natural or cultured.

However, to properly understand the difference between the two, you will first need to understand some of the basics of pearls itself. Here you go.

Cultured Pearls

Origin of Pearls

All pearls cultivate inside one or other variety of hinged-shell mollusc that are called bivalves. These creatures may keep their casings open or close according to their own will. Some hungry specimen may even keep it open for hours under water with a hope to catch some food. This open door provides a way for the pearl-producing irritants to enter.

Origin of Pearls

What are Cultured Pearls?

Cultured pearls can be considered just the same as natural ones. They are produced in the mollusc in the same way. You can get to know the amazing varieties and types of such pearls simply by visiting

Most of the pearls are derived from saltwater pearl oysters and freshwater mussels. However, a cultured pearl may need some kind of human involvement or help to get the initial process started. As a part of this, the pearl farmer puts a small section of the mantle tissue or a bead inside the mollusk’s shell. After that, nature takes over the entire process.

Cultured Pearls

What are Freshwater Pearls?

Pearl mussels residing in ponds, lakes, and rivers produce freshwater pearls. A freshwater mussel may conceivably produce a number of 50 pearls at a given time.

Nevertheless, it may take 4-6 years for the animal to complete this. Many mussels may even face death as a result of the pollution or any kind of disease before they even reach their peak.

They are generally considered to be more durable than other types of pearls. Plus, they are also available in a wide variety of colours and designs. The colours range from lavenders, soft pinks, white, peaches, to amazing shades of peacock.

Freshwater Pearls

The variety of so many colors makes them desirable among many customers. In addition, they are available at reasonable prices too. So, any cost-conscious customer can find it as the best option.

To wind up, pearls can be a great addition to any kind of outfit. So, whether you choose natural, saltwater, or freshwater pearls, you are going to grab just the right item. Take your time to select the best option and be ready to look gorgeous with such amazing jewels.


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