Bow Tie Gift Ideas for Christmas

Now that Christmas is fast approaching I have recently been racking my brains to try and think of what to buy my husband as a present. If I do say so myself, I am a pretty good present buyer. But unfortunately, it is quickly becoming my downfall as I have almost run out of ideas!

Bow Tie Gift Ideas for Christmas

So what do you buy the man who has everything?

The answer – a bow tie! So here began my journey of finding the perfect bowtie for my husband. I never really knew how many bowties there were out there until I started to look. Apparently, they’re really fashionable (another thing my husband will be pleased about). So in order to find the right tie you need to know the personality of the guy you’re giving it too. To make life easy, here is a rundown of the main styles and personalities that stood out to me during my extensive research into bow ties.

The Party Animal

A lively party animal needs a lively bowtie. And with everything from sequins and leather to silver and the stunning gold bow tie there is definitely something out there for the party animal in your life. If you’re feeling flush, then why not go the whole hog and get a matching pocket handkerchief so that you can wear them to the Christmas party, just make sure you know how to fold it.

party animal needs a lively bowtie

The Smooth and Sophisticated Man

For the James Bonds among us, there is always the traditional silk bow tie. There are literally hundreds of styles and colours to choose from, so just try to find one that matches an outfit that he has already – otherwise your Christmas present may end up getting a bit expensive. He is sure to love the beautiful bow tie from his Bond girl.

The Sweet and Shy Guy

If you are wanting in every day, understated but beautiful bow tie I would have to say the wool and cashmere ties are your best bet. Even the ones with a distinct pattern on them were quite cutesy looking and absolutely perfect for a sweet and sensitive guy. Paired with a coloured shirt and a pair of smart trousers, this look will get everybody talking around the Christmas dinner table.

wool and cashmere ties

The Lovable Eccentric

For the guy that is really out there, there is definitely a bowtie out there that will stand out more than his personality. From a blue floral prints through to yellow and white polka dot styles, it will be hard to buy him a bowtie that he won’t love!

The Traditional Soul

Finally, for the traditional soul who prefers to keep it simple, there is also a range of beautifully simple ties, suitable for any occasion. But if he does happen to be feeling particularly and adventurous one night, there is always the white leopard print bow tie!

white leopard print bow tie!

As you can see, the bowtie offers a whole world of gift ideas ready to be wrapped. So get shopping ladies, and buy your guy a truly original gentleman’s present!


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