Choose the Right Handbag That Is Not Just Functional but Compliments Your Overall Look

Choose the Right Handbag That Is Not Just Functional but Compliments Your Overall Look

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Handbag is a necessity for some, but a fashion statement for most of the other women. We love to flaunt the latest styles in handbags. Studies have in fact shown that an average woman has about 21 handbags in her wardrobe and goes for a new handbag every 2 months.

That is actually a good lot of money invested in handbags. When so much of your hard-earned money goes into buying handbags, it makes a lot of sense to make prudent choice while buying one. This article will help you choose the right handbags.

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How to Choose the Right Handbag

It is difficult to hold back, when you a see a sign of Purse Obsession handbags on sale. However, it is suggested to hold your horses a little bit more. There is no point rushing in to pick up the first handbag that you lay your eyes on, whether or not it is the best fit for you. It is advisable to go through the list below to understand what and how to choose the right handbag:

  • Look for handbag size that compliments your figure. Tall and thin women should look for big size hobo bags, petite women should avoid oversized bags and big size women should carry large structured bags.

Right Handbag

  • Before buying bags in different colours make sure you have handbags in classic black, brown and white colour that you can carry with almost all your outfits.
  • Keep your body shape in mind while choosing the shape of the handbag. The handbag shape should be opposite to your body shape, so that both complement each other. So, if you are tall go for rounder bags and if you are short and broad, go for structured rectangular bags.

body shape

  • Try matching the colour of your handbag with your dress and shoes.
  • Always keep in mind the occasion for which you want the handbag while choosing the design.
  • Before buying check the zipper, seams, handle etc to see that you are actually getting your money’s worth.

check zipper

  • Check out a few fashion magazines to see the styles that are in vogue these days and what most celebrities are carrying with different kinds of dresses.
  • Most importantly, check to see that bag is functional enough and has the space to keep all the things you want to carry.

bag functional

How to Check the Quality of the Handbag:

You must always check to see that you are paying money for a good quality handbag that is not only great to look at, but will also last you for some time. Stay away from handbag that’s way too heavy, made of poor quality material, has useless pockets and has a poor strap.

Before buying any handbag, check to see that the stitching is done properly, the seams are in place and the zippers are functioning properly, all the way till the end. Check the detailing to see that it looks classy and all the embellishments are securely fixed. It is also very important to check that the straps are attached well, so that the bag can be carried easily without the strap coming off every time.

Quality Handbag

Your handbag should be such that you love to flaunt it. Be sure to invest in good quality handbags and they will remain your best friends for many years.

Author’s Bio: Daniel is an upcoming fashion designer, and he often writes blogs on latest handbag designs introduced in the market. To you could check out Purse Obsession handbags on sale by visiting their website.

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