Choosing the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

Choosing the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

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Some women find purchasing a sexy lingerie Australia a scary prospect. Often, skimpy is likely to equal sexy and such can result in body issue thoughts. This is definitely not sexy! It is imperative to select the right lingerie look that fits your body.


It is important to keep in mind that regardless of your body type, you should not purchase anything which accentuates the areas of your body you have a problem with. Do you like your breast? Then get something tighter and provides more cleavage which makes the outfit’s focus. If you are concerned about your weight, pick darker colors since they provide a more slimming effect. Also, you can use them to promote that bad girl image a lot of men find sexy.

Not all lingerie in each fabric will look great on all women. So read the guide below if you want to  buy the most flattering lingerie for you.

Athletic Women

These women need boy shorts. These shorts are perfect for those with nice butt no matter what their athletic prowess is. Boy shorts are hot since you can always go topless and get your man’s attention. You can also choose to add anything from a slinky robe to a bra which only shows your shorts off if you are ready.


Tall Women

Tall women will have their best lingerie look if they wear the conventional garter belt, panties and bra attire. This shows off their long legs and provides a classic beauty. As you shop for lingerie, find sets which have all of these items to save money and forgo the hassles of putting together a new outfit by matching separate pieces.

Petite Women

Choose something with along slit along your leg. Such slit will cause the eyes of your partner to roam up the slit and make you look taller than you already area.


Plus Size Women

Are you overweight or full-figured? There are many options for you to choose from. A lot of women, especially those with a larger chest, choose corsets as this provides them a chance to show off their asset and create curves as the corset sucks in waist. One-piece negligee sets and teddys tend to also work well. Choose dark and rich colors which work pretty well with your skin tone to enjoy the added effect.


Every woman often has a preferred fabric for their lingerie. A lot of them prefer silk while others like lace or cotton. Make sure that your plus size lingerie is made from the most comfortable material. Sometimes, it can be easy to be lured by a style you like; however, it comes in a fabric you don’t really like.


Just like any type of purchases, your lingerie purchase must consider having a stringent budget. Aside from preventing you from buying lingerie which is beyond what you can afford, it will allow you to narrow your search down before you start shopping. This can help you in saving time since you find shops that only sell pricy merchandise your pocket cannot afford.

Author Bio:Kristy Franklin is a professional fashion designer. Part of his works includes sexy lingerie Australia that can be bought online.

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