Cycling Is Back in Vogue

There’s no doubt about it, cycling is in vogue – literally. Cycling has become so fashionable in recent years that the quintessential fashion magazine, Vogue, has even featured articles on the best bikes and looks to wear while riding them.

While most people have neither the budget nor inclination to perfectly match their Marni with their Manhappenin bicycle, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish while you are riding your bike. You certainly don’t need to be dressed head to toe in performance Lycra. There are plenty of simpler ways to look fantastic while enjoying the freedom of getting around on two wheels.

Cycling Is Back in Vogue

What to Wear When Cycling

If you are planning to avoid the congestion and start cycling to work, then you will be pleased to discover the majority of work wear doubles up equally well as cycle wear. Don’t feel that you have to cycle at high speed through busy lanes of traffic, working up a sweat as you go. The reality is that even a gently paced cycle ride will get you to your destination in a fraction of the time it takes to walk or even to use public transport.

This means that many of your work wear staples will function beautifully as cycling clothes too. Short to mid-length skirts, tailored trousers and lightweight jackets are the ideal clothes to wear for riding your bike. You can even wear heels if you wish, as the main point of pressure on your pedal should be using the ball of your foot, although platforms or wedges are not recommended. If that sounds a bit too much for you, however, then simply popping a change of shoes into your bag is a simple solution for when you get to work.

Cycling Is Back in Vogue

Wearing thin layers will ensure that you don’t get too hot or too cold while you are on your commute. A lightweight jacket is an essential, especially if it is threatening to rain. Using a bike basket gives you an ideal place to keep your handbag and it’s far more chic than using a backpack. To see more great cycling clothes for this season, have a quick glance at this blog.

Other Benefits of Cycling

It’s not just the case that cycling is coming back into fashion. There are all sorts of other benefits to getting around by bike. Not only are you helping to promote a cleaner, greener lifestyle, but you will also be promoting your own sense of health and well-being too.

Physical exercise such as cycling will make you fitter, of course, and this has all sorts of other health benefits. What better way to wind down after a hard day at the office than a 30-minute cycle ride to burn off that adrenaline and increase your endorphin levels.

Cycling Is Back in Vogue

Cycling helps you to sleep better and will boost your energy levels. It increases your blood flow and circulation, which in turn will make your skin glow. It also helps you to keep your weight under control, meaning you can indulge in that extra bit of cake without worrying about whether you are going to fit into your skinny jeans. What’s not to love? Cycling is one fashion trend that we whole heartedly approve of.


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