Dos and Don’ts of Buying Jewelry

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Jewelry

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Lot of channels and websites speak about the different trends of jewelry today. It is quite fascinating and tempting to see latest designs in fashion jewellery. Gold and silver are the two most important parts of any religious rituals at home. Regardless of whether you buy it online or from stores, you must know the dos and don’ts of buying jewelry. Buying jewelry isn’t really that challenging as how people describe. If you know the tips and rules you will make a great deal from these online. Just make sure that you have gathered all the information before making a final decision on your purchase.

Dos of buying jewelry:

Find the purity:

When you buy silver or gold, you must always find the purity of the metal at first. One of the simplest methods to check the purity of the product is to look for a trademark or hallmark. Jewelry with hallmark follows the norms of BIS (The Bureau of Indian Standards). Most hallmark jewelry come with a number attached to it along with the BIS stamp.

Negotiate on the making charges:

It is a myth that expensive jewelry does not come with a negotiating factor. It is always wise to negotiate on the making charges of the jewelry. Some craftsmen offer you fixed making charges if you deal with them for bulk purchases. However, most of them are open to negotiate if you know to bargain well.

Don’ts of buying jewelry:

Do not buy studded jewelry:

If you find some jewelry pieces really attractive with studded stones, then be sure to make up your mind with the loss you will bear. These maybe appealing to the eyes but, are not really profitable deal to crack. It is because of the stone weight that cuts the actual weight of the gold and makes it too heavy.

Avoid the resale option:

It is very essential that you know the resale value of your gold. Avoid selling it to other jewelers. They always have a habit of cutting off the making charges and other costs attached to it. It is sheer loss for the deal.

Do not buy without guarantee:

Every reliable jeweler offers guarantee on the ornaments. Beware of false hopes and glittering objects. Go for a trusted seller. Check for the hallmark, license, and registration number of the store. Hope you get the best deal on the jewelry. Find a range of amazing fashion earrings online in gold and silver. Do not forget to follow these dos and don’ts of buying the jewelry. Online shopping is exciting and comfortable at the same time. Do not forget to ask for an invoice of your purchase. It really helps in the long run.

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