Great! One More Reason to Fear Smoking!

Anyone who doesn’t know that smoking is bad for you must’ve been living in a cave for the last several decades. The government has certainly been aggressive in repeatedly warning consumers that smoking is actually one of the worst things they can do. Unfortunately, for many, the pleasure that they receive from smoking makes them basically oblivious to any warnings that anyone, be it the government or even close family, can admonish. Yes, it is bad, bad, bad. But for many people it is just too good, good, good. Now, apart from the constant a reminder that it can cause all sorts of nasty diseases, such as cancer, comes the added warning that it makes a smoker’s skin age prematurely. Just add that to the list of warnings that most smokers will ignore.

Reason to Fear Smoking

How Do Cigarette Smoke and One’s Skin Interact?

Since smokers inhale their cigarette smoke, one would expect that all damage actually goes inside the body, especially the lungs. This is mostly true, and it is where the vast majority of the damage from cigarette smoking occurs. However, a recent study by the Mayo Clinic provided some additional ideas as to why a smoker’s skin is also affected. They suggest that the heat from the burning cigarette itself can actually damage the sensitive facial skin. Even some of the gestures that smokers make, such as pursing their lips or squinting their eyes when they inhale, can in the long run contribute to poor skin tone. But there is also more profound medical science behind this logic. The reason is that one specific protein, called collagen, helps the skin retain its natural strength and elasticity. Unfortunately, the amount of collagen in a person’s body decreases with age. But this situation can be accelerated by smoking, because less oxygen reaches the skin cells and, consequently, they cannot perform their functions as intended.

Smoke and One's Skin Interact

For Great Skin, Avoid Smokers

You’ve probably heard that second-hand smoke is bad for you – not only for the same reasons that smoking is bad for smokers, such as the possibility of contracting some fairly nasty disease, but also because exposure to cigarette smoke in general will also age the skin. So, if you happen to be at your local pub and there a lot of smokers around you, try to stay out of their way. In the long run, your skin will thank you for it. The same applies to alcohol. Drinking any amount of alcohol dehydrates the body, which negatively impacts the skin also. Try to remain hydrated even if you’re spending an evening out at the pub, perhaps having a glass of water between drinks. Your skin will look a lot better as a result.

Great Skin, Avoid Smokers

Look As Youthful As You Can

It seems that no matter how hard we try, we cannot always stay out of harm’s way, especially when it involves such things as cigarette smoke and alcohol. As a result, your skin will age prematurely, and nobody wants that. Fortunately, IPL machines can repair a lot of the damage that may have been done through some unhealthy habits. By using high-powered light sources to rejuvenate the skin, these machines can make anyone literally look years younger.


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