How To Commission Your First Piece Of Bespoke Jewelry

How To Commission Your First Piece Of Bespoke Jewelry

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Bespoke jewelry marks special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and engagements like no other gift ever can. However, even bespoke jewelry can be categorized in different classes. You can start from basic customization in sterling silver and go as high as the rarest of gems gracing your bespoke jewelry design to start building an heirloom collection. With the generation of young professionals and entrepreneurs coming forward in the world, bespoke jewelry has found a wide variety of design and price spectrum. If you are just about to commission your first bespoke jewelry, here are a few tips to get started right.

Bespoke Jewelry

Fix a budget – know the field

Your budget will vary wildly depending on the type of jewels, designs, and craftsmanship you envision for the first piece in your bespoke collection. For instance, if you are looking for princess cut diamonds arranged with amethysts or rubies in a set of beautiful drop earrings, your budget should be way up in the upper side of the price spectrum for fine jewelry. For rare and beautiful gems studded in your jewelry, you will do well to contact the elite jewelers of the country to remain completely satisfied about quality and design perfection of your bespoke collection.

Categorize the occasion

Te occasion shapes the demand for the jewelry. A simple birthday might not warrant for a majorly high budget (after all birthdays do come every year), however a landmark anniversary does demand something more unique. With today’s changing cultures, elite events like the major awards nights, leadership conventions and debutante galas require the touch of the rare. Commission collections with the top elite designers and depend on brands such as David Birnbaum Rare 1 to bring bespoke pieces to life for gracing the events of this calibre.

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Know your choices- research

Always research your available choices before you start the process of commissioning your first bespoke pieces. Every bespoke jewelry brand can be arranged in a structured pyramid starting with foundation level jewelers with lower budget criteria, to the top elite jewelers who handle the top 2% -top0.1% of the affluent class’ bespoke jewelry demands. The quality, precision, rarity of gems and utter delicacy of the designs will also be highest at the top and will come down a step with each level of the pyramid.

Set-up your first meeting

Finally, after your complete research, evaluation of your events and budget, you should be ready with your top 3 choices for bespoke jewelers that should ideally meet every criterion for your very first bespoke jewelry piece. Set-up a meeting with the jewelers to create your final plans for your first commission of truly unique jewelry pieces.

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