How to Create a Unique Winter Outlook and Stand Out from the Crowd

“I think I have shopped here before” – the shopping déjà vu is something that every woman gets and this is most common especially during the winter season. Most of us don’t like winter season in terms of clothing as dressing becomes very monotonous. Wearing jackets, hoodies and overcoats is very common, but looking different and dressing uniquely becomes a big concern. There are very high chances that the jacket you are wearing will definitely be similar to someone you meet right outside the house. So how can you look different and attractive during winters?

brown leather boots

Clothing tips

You cannot of course wear spaghettis and tube tops to look different in winters, it will only make you look like a fool. Definitely jackets and overcoats are common but you also cannot avoid them at the same time.

This winter season you can still try something different and not take the risk of being out of the place. Wearing playful colours are very trendy these days. For instance, a hot pink leather overcoat with a knee length light colour one piece or jeans coupled with high brown leather boots will make you look nothing but short of a hot bomb.

Playful and vibrant colours will make your get up very youthful and give you a peppy look. Hoodies are also perfect fit for winters, and you can of course try different and flashy colours for your hoodies.

Leather is a winter fabric, so wearing leather jackets, boots, and gloves is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Clothing tips

Winter Boots

When its winter everyone wants to boot up, because boots certainly look the sexiest of all footwear choices. You must be wondering how boots can be sexy if it covers your beautiful legs. Just wearing right boots with right dress is all that is required to make you look hot. Nothing can look better than a short skirt coupled with knee length boots. It gives a very adventurous get up to your body and is a perfect match for this cold season. Black and Brown leather boots easy go with all kinds of dresses.

Winter Boots

Winter Fashion Accessories

In winters when we say accessories we definitely don’t mean jewellery. A contrasting scarf around your neck will just complete your winter look. Wearing a woollen scarf is just like cherry on the cake. It looks beautiful to wear with overcoats and boots. But, do not find a matching scarf to your dress; they look cool in contrasting colours.

Winter Fashion Accessories

The Additional Touch-Up

For your winter look you only need to highlight your eyes with little eye makeup and natural lip shades for your lips. Over doing your makeup is strictly not advisable. Smoky touch on your face will look great all the time.

So, be simple yet smart this winter, and look different. You may be forced to wear the boring jackets, but you can make things interesting with some cool accessories, and your footwear.

Author Bio:- Angelina Marques is a fashion advisor who gives a lot of creative ideas and tips to enhance your dressing sense. She loves to flaunt her brown leather boots during the winter, along with a colourful scarf, and long overcoat.




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