How to Get a Great Spray Tan

How to Get a Great Spray Tan

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Spray tans get a lot of bad press. Many people hear ‘spray tan’ and think of hideous orange tans. They’re typically thought of as uneven, oddly coloured, and poorly applied. That’s not entirely true, but it is typical of amateur spray tans which are poorly applied. You see that problem when people try to apply a consumer grade product themselves. That’s not the case when it comes to a spray tan applied by a professional. Alternately, some people apply their own spray tans, but they use a professional machine so they don’t suffer from the many pitfalls typical of spray tans.

Whether you’re a person who wants to keep a great tan year round or someone who is operating a business, professional grade spray tan machines can fit all of your tanning needs. From small businesses to large businesses, many people have benefitted from buying a set of professional machines.

Great Spray Tan

Gun and Turbine

In many machines, the applicator gun and the air turbine are two separate hoses. The turbine blasts the liquid with air, and the applicator gun creates the fine mist that applies the tanning solution. However, with some of the better, more compact machines, the turbine and the gun are combined. These machines are specifically designed for small businesses that don’t need the massive machines of a large salon operation.

All-Natural Solutions

The biggest problems with a spray tan can be the machine or the solution. The solution you use for your tan or for your clients needs to be one that is natural; the only way to create a natural-looking tan is to use natural ingredients. Also, using a quality tanning solution keeps your machines functioning well. Natural solutions are easier to clean out of your machines to prevent any kind of buildup or rusting.

These solutions tend to feature naturally extracted DHA actives from natural ingredients, aloe vera, naturally derived bronzers, oils, and botanical extracts. Vitamins are often what set professional grade tanning solutions apart from lesser options. Professional grade vitamins help create healthier skin, which means that you can hold the tan for longer, and the tan looks more natural.

Tents and Screens

These are the small tents or tri-fold screens you use to create a dedicated spray tanning area in your business or your home. Professional grade equipment reduces the amount of overspray so you don’t waste as much tanning liquid, but overspray is inevitable. Some of the solution is going to miss its mark; with a tent or a screen, you can keep it from getting on anything you don’t want it to. Also, the dark screens can help create a bit of privacy if you’re in a public salon.

It’s important to buy professional tents and screens so they’re easier to clean. You have to make sure you pair these with a quality tanning solution that is easier to clean off. Professional grade equipment can make all the difference when it comes to applying a tan and cleaning your equipment.

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