How to Get That Perfect Hair Colour

How to Get That Perfect Hair Colour

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We all feel the need for a change once in a while. Updating or changing our hair colour can sometimes be just the boost that we need. The question is whether to brave it ourselves and go the DIY route or to spend all of those hard-earned pennies having it done by a professional. Doing it yourself is not as scary as it might seem if you haven’t done it yourself before. Like anything else, it’s all about common sense and practice.

Hair Colouring

Dyeing at Home

It is very easy to dye your hair at home if you are just seeking a change of a few shades or covering some grey with a similar colour to your own. If you are inexperienced and want to drastically change your hair colour, of course, you will need to bleach it first.

Choosing the shade that you want to change to is the first thing you will need to do. For natural colours, check out hair colour ranges and dyes available to you at places like Make sure that the colour you select suits your skin tone. Applying Vaseline to your hairline before putting on the dye will help avoid skin staining. Make sure that you follow the guidelines on the box and only leave the product on for the specified period of time. Being prepared and ensuring that you have all of the things you will need at hand (like a watch or timer) will make it a very easy process.

hair Dyeing

At the Salon

Try to have an idea of what colour you actually want to go for before you get to the salon. It is easy to get caught up and just go with what your hairdresser thinks if you do not have a solid idea. This could be a fine approach, but it could also mean that you come out with something that is not at all what you were wanting. You have to live with your decision for a good period of time, so make sure that it is the right one. That said, a professional hairdresser should be able to advise you on the shades that will suit your skin tone, so if you ask for something completely wrong for you, you should expect them to diplomatically suggest something different. For example, black just does not suit everyone. Words mean different things to different people, so your description of a colour might look different in your hairdresser’s head than in yours. If you can, take a picture as an example of what you want.

What Not to Do

If you do not have the time or money to maintain your hair colour and can’t pop to the salon for regular touch-ups, it is better to have a colour close to your natural hair colour. Drastic changes tend to require lots of maintenance, so only go there if you want to have the responsibility of keeping it going. Once your hair has been coloured, do not use a shampoo which will strip that expensive colour straight back out. Make sure that you purchase one that is specially formulated for coloured hair and keep those locks looking luscious longer.

hair Dyeing

Having a new hair colour certainly gives us the feel-good factor. Putting a little thought into what colour that is going to be can make a huge difference in the outcome. Get it right the first time and consider your colour wisely.

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