How to Make Hand-made Tulle Flowers in a Jiffy?

How to Make Hand-made Tulle Flowers in a Jiffy?

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Giant paper flowers, celebrations, and parties are a perfect combination! Retro-looking hand-made flowers are easy to createin a short period of time. And, this post is intended to guide you through the process of making tulle flowers and papers.

These add a touch of ethereal and class touch to wedding regalia; they can be used as banquet decoration, bridal gloves, hats, dresses, or parasols. It isn’t necessary that you should make use of sewing machine, asyou can as well sew tulle flowers by hand, though machine work makes it easy and quick. It measures 3-in in diameter and you can also make adjustment in the dimensions making the flower look larger or smaller according to your requirements.

Tulle Flowers

How to Create Tulle?

You can create your own tulle headband; the final flower design appears better, if you work with thread and needle, rather than glue. Assuming you’ve certain sewing skills, you can create gorgeous fabric tulles in simple steps.

Create Tulle

Things Needed

In order to get prettier, cleaner, and nicer finish, you need the following items:

  • Rotary cutter, mat, and fabric scissors
  • Satin headband
  • Beads, rhinestones, crystals, or pearls to finish
  • Dressmaker’ pen or chalk
  • Thread and sewing needle
  • Spotted tulle

Create Tulle1

Various Ways to Create Tulles

There are several methods to create these feminize floral tulles; depending upon your purpose, such as jazzing up a plain clutch, inserted to table runners, and stunning hair accessory, these make gorgeous wedding items. These look good on kids in the design of adorable hair band; they can be strung together as banner or decorate wedding favors or kid’s birthday parties, these make absolutely lovely designs.

Various Ways to Create Tulles

Steps Involved

In order to get into the right shape, first make a pencil sketch, drawing a rose petal on cards. After making the sketches, cut in to right shape. You can repeat the outline many times onto larger paper to help create proper pattern and flower shape. Once you’re sure that pattern and shape is proper and neat, you can cut them.

Take different paper materialand make it into a square shape slightly larger than original flower shape. Pin the flower outline to the folded sheet and then cut around. Replicate the procedure until you’ve enough chiffon layers and tulles in order to create a beautiful packed flower. You can create flowers using 26 layers; however, the number of layers depends on the flower size and fabric weight.

Steps Involved

Now, put the cut-out flowers on top; arrange the placement of the petals and if needed, you can also change or decorate with different material. Use thread and needle to stitch the flower to centre or side position, as you need.

If you want to add volume, you can squeeze the flower from underneath (all together), and stitch it so that it won’t fall. This will not only add volume, but also give tulle a realistic shape. For fashionable look, you can insert beads, pearls, or other small decorative items. Now, pair it with a clip or hair band.

Make use of these tips to make a pretty floral headpiece in a jiffy.

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