How to Pick the Right Fake Tan Shade for You

Summer is just round the corner and now is a great time to look forward to those hot sunny days ahead – even if they seem like a dream right now. To make the most of the sunshine, hit the ground running by sorting out the best shade of self-tan for your skin type now, so you can have a healthy glow the minute it’s warm enough to cast off your cardigan.

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Which Skin Type Am I?

You must decide which skin type is closest to your colouring. Do you have an Olive skin, medium or dark skin? Are you fair, but not overly pale? Are you white, pale skinned, perhaps with freckles? If you have dark, coffee coloured skin, but want a darker shade, there are products to suit you too. Ask a more experienced self-tanner to help you decide which colour you are if you’re undecided.

Fair Skin

It’s best to start with a light to medium self-tan shade if you are fair skinned. You may wish to go darker than this in the longer term, but starting with a medium base and building it up can be just as effective. Immediately opting for a darker shade can be unsatisfactory and a medium shade may be all you need if you apply several times over the course of a week. This applies to those with dark or light hair and fair skin. Take it gradually and go darker over time.
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Pale Skin

English Roses with pale skin need to be particularly careful about colour choice and application. Luckily there is now much greater recognition in the self-tanning market of the problems pale skinned people can have and there are some great products tailored just to this skin type. Because you are working on a pale canvas, streaks show up more and this is another good reason to go as light as possible, at least at first. Do a patch test on the inside of your wrist before taking the plunge with a new shade. Make sure you are particularly careful when applying, as streaks will stand out more than on darker skinned people. Check out, which is a great stockist for paler skinned people.

Black Skin

There are some great self-tanning products for black skinned people, which enhance their already beautifully dark colour. These products are superb at creating a uniformity of colour, or warming up existing colour. Now, many have a bronzing shimmer included, which gives a wonderfully special holiday glow to the skin.
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Olive Skin

If you have dark skin and dark hair you can opt for darker, olive shades of self-tan and go as dark as you dare. It’s likely that you will be able to tan easily in the sun, so know what your ‘tanned’ colour would be and you can choose accordingly. Be careful if you have light olive skin however and try a medium shade first if you’re not sure. People assume that darker skinned people have an easier time choosing the correct shade, but skin colours vary so it’s important to do some testing of shades ahead of time.


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