How to wear ethical clothing and still look great

How to wear ethical clothing and still look great

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Looking good should never have a human cost. But, for many people they believe that high end fashion and ethical clothing are worlds apart. This is not the case. For many people, they can have the best of both worlds! No one should suffer at the hands of makings someone else look good.

Wearing clothes that make you feel good is a must. But, emotionally, you should feel fantastic too. There are some fabulous pieces that you can get your hands on ready for the lazy, summer days ahead from many places offering fair trade clothing.

still look great

Let’s take a look at some of the top picks.

Feminine, Fierce, Fabulous: Summery Dresses

Summer is one the way and with that, the revival of the summer dress. Summery dresses are an excellent way to ensure that you always look good, without having to risk your ethical credentials. The sun dress has become something of a fable. It’s the perfect look for the coming warmer seasons. It’s a hit with both men and women alike. Long sleeved jersey dress, adorned with delicate jacquard style prints, are a must have for the office or workplace. But, they can easily be transported to the beer garden in time for summer. The soft cotton is perfect for summer as it’s breathable. More importantly, the ethically sourced and fair trade cotton means that you don’t have to worry that your summer dress has been sourced in a less than moral fashion.

Fabulous Summery Dresses

Summer dresses for women come in many different shapes, styles and fabrics. The overwhelming amount of choice means that you may want to buy them all! Simple, cami styles in a bold, ethnic print are amazing for the warmer months. If you want something a little more, dressy the halter neck, fit and flare style with a stunning hula print can be worn for all kinds of occasions. Summer is wedding season, after all!

Summery Dresses

Big, Bold Jewellery: Make a Statement

Jewellery. It’s a girl’s best friend. Diamonds, however, are hardly ethical. So, if you want to look good and know that you are doing the right thing, it’s always best to go for beaded jewellery that has ethics at the heart of its design. Simple beads on a delicate silver chain are the perfect way to dress up any simple outfit. But, with beaded cuffs in bold, ethnic style prints are right on trend this year. For many ladies, ‘less is more’ is the ultimate fashion ethos. If this sounds familiar, simplistic crystal style jewellery in natural tones could be the perfect look for you.

Big, Bold Jewellery

Re-Discover the Skirt

Everyone has seemed to have fallen out of love with the skirt of late. Why? We don’t know. This year, however, looking good is all about reclaiming the skirt as your own. Maxi skirts make for perfect spring-wear. They are the best at hiding a multitude of sins. The flattering cut and float nature is a sure-fire hit with all ladies, mature or young. Paisley patterns are back, once again, this year. Opt for dusky pinks, luscious purples or deep blue’s to remain on trend this spring. Of course, shorter skirts are always a good call for the summer months ahead. If you are keen to flash your amazing pins, an A line skirt is all kinds of classy. Crisp whites and stark navies, teamed with feminine floral are a must for all ladies. They are flattering, cool and sophisticated.

Re-Discover the Skirt

Looking good should never come at a cost. Ethical clothing can be sought, and you can look picture perfect too!

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