Human Hair Wigs Advantages and Disadvantages

Human Hair Wigs Advantages and Disadvantages

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There is a wide range of products available for those that suffer from the embarrassing problem of hair loss. Shaving your head completely bald, hair implants, hair treatments, growth products, and wigs are just a few of the solutions that are available to those who have such a problem. Although the appropriate solution depends on the individual, when it comes to wigs, there is nothing quite like one that is made out of human hair.

Human Hair Wigs

What are the advantages?

There are several benefits associated with a human hair wig. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that they are a great investment since they look and feel completely natural. Although different brands use different types of fibers, most of them are usually higher quality than that of a synthetic wig. These wigs have a natural movement to them and they can even by cut, dyed, permed, and more, just like real hair. Hair products can also be used with human hair wigs, products can be used to soften the hair, enhance curls, and more. Although they tend to weigh more, they also tend to breathe better which is a big benefit to those who wear wigs often.

Human hair wigs tend to be more durable. They can withstand repeated styling, curling, ironing, washing, and more for a number of years. Proper care is required to keep them looking new, but they still hold up much better than synthetic wigs.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs also offer a wide range of big beautiful styles. There are different cap assemblies, which include monofilament, hand-tied, lace front, and caplet. These cap constructions are available from top human hair wig manufacturers and are ready to be worn straight out of the box with little styling required.

What are the possible drawbacks?

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks associated with a human hair wig. First, they tend to be more costly. However, the extended life and flexibility of the wig usually justifies a higher price. They can range from $150.00 all the way up to $1,000.00 and more depending on the style, maker, length, origin of the hair, and more.

possible drawbacks

Human hair wigs also react to the weather so they have been known to curl and frizz when exposed to humidity. This often leads to them needing to be restyled which can be difficult to do at home. The color in human hair wigs will also oxidize and fade after continued exposure to light.

Although not an actual con of the wig, there is a lot of debate about ethics when involving a human hair wig. Disadvantaged women often feel pressured into selling their hair for pennies on the dollar compared to what their hair is sold for.

con of the wig

To summarize, natural hair wigs have advantages and disadvantages over their synthetic counterpart. However, with proper care they will last longer, they feel and look better, they have many more styling options available, and they have a wide variety of out of the box styles. Although they can be a little more expensive, the advantages they offer validate the price difference.

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