Let your friends guess which TV star you are aping in a Halloween Costume

When you wear a costume, you will be hiding your real side and this is the time to be scary, cute, angry or funny to impress the others. The main point is to be comfortable as you will be wearing the costume for a few hours and you should be able to handle the same. Try to pick out a costume that is not too constricting. Move around freely while you crack jokes or try to scare your friends. There are many TV characters that you can select from.

Halloween Costume

Look online and you will find tvstoreonline.com. Click here to view the various TV costumes that are on display. You will be able to identify the TV star that you would like to dress up as and imitate at the party. You can order the costume and it will be delivered to you at your door. This store offers free shipping on orders that are over $50 anywhere in the US.

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Once you subscribe to this store you will get email whenever there are sales notices or new additions. You can view the various characters at your leisure and decide on the color of the costume. You may like to dress up as a football star, animated cartoon character, Superman or any character of your choice. If you are interested in getting something for your kid, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that they have the cutest costumes for little girls and boys as well.

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Points to consider when selecting a costume

  • Remember to anticipate the weather conditions. You will be very uncomfortable in layered clothing or thick leggings in hot weather. On the other hand, you would like to be warm when it is cold outside.
  • If you are planning to go to the party as a couple or with a group of friends, you could consider group costumes
  • In order to save disappointment during Halloween or the Christmas season, make your decision quickly and place your order.

selecting a costume

Costume Ideas you may want to consider

How about dressing up as characters from Big Bang Theory or Arrested Development? Harry Potter has some interesting costumes that you may wish to think about. Try to look different from the other TV characters by wearing something unusual. How about Cubert in Futurama or a character from Simpsons? You could be the one to win the best prize!

For more ideas you can look up the website of the manufacturer and get some novel ideas. Book the costumes well in advance and ensure that it fits well. Practice a few lines or funny cracks that you may wish to use when you are mingling with your friends.

Costume selection

Whether you are dressing up in the 80’s costumes or wearing one of those cult classics, try to impress your friends and create a stir while you are having fun. Remember that you will not be wearing the same costume next year so this is your chance to ape your favorite TV star wearing memorabilia that you can remember and cherish years later.

Author Bio – Vernon Korf works for a bank and loves watching TV as he finds it a great stress-buster. He is interested in horror movies and action-packed thrillers that lets his mind wander into a make-believe world for a few hours.


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