Perfect Tips to Help you When Buying Black Diamonds

Perfect Tips to Help you When Buying Black Diamonds

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Black diamonds have become popular in today’s diamond jewelry peices. The black diamond formation’s theory is related to the color black as it is associated with supernovas. Ten year ago, this type of diamonds was cheap as most researchers and collectors did not have an interest in them. However, black diamonds have been recently put in the spotlight making their prices go high. If you are planning to buy black diamonds for anniversary and other special occasions, read the following information.

Buying Black Diamonds

Know About Black Diamonds

You can find a lot of resources to know about this type of diamonds. The black occur takes place either because of dark inclusions, white diamond changes, radiation or high temperatures. A diamond that is naturally black is rare so you can expect it to be really pricey. The majority of black diamonds exist as carbonados or irregular black masses. Most diamonds of this color are treated in order to achieve black color uniformity. This is an industry norm.

Black Diamonds

Understand the Features to Find

Black diamonds have a rich color, smooth surface and good cut. Even if they are treated, they remain very real. It is important for you to know about the four C’s. Every diamond is assessed based on Color, Cut, Carat Weight and Clarity. Black diamonds have 16 facets with smooth surfaces. You can expect their color to have been evenly distributed. Their clarity refers to existence of flaws and inclusions. They are graded AAA, AA+, A, AA and I1. Black diamonds with AAA grade is the best. These diamonds must have a sparkling and glossy surface. Carat is the diamond’s weight. As a black diamond’s density is greater, one carat black diamond will look smaller than one carat of its white counterpart.

Black Diamonds Carat

Don’t Get Fooled

A lot of marketers make misleading ads. You better consider terms which say GIA certified or untreated. Fancy black is not treated. When a diamond’s uncommon color is an asset, it is considered fancy.

Compare Prices

If you wish to purchase black diamonds, check out a number of websites first to know their available black diamonds and compare prices. You should know that vendors can list similar stones from the list of wholesalers and a number of diamonds you can find in the internet are unlikely to be available after you call to know about them.

purchase black diamonds

Consider Combining with Whites

A very strong personality requires a solitaire black diamonds. Combining black and white diamonds in one piece of jewelry improves the beauty of the two diamonds. They depict a good balance between contemporary and conventional.

Check the References of the Vendor

Before you make your purchase, check the associations and credentials of the vendor with professional and public organizations. Know about the credentials if they are not available on the official website. Also, check feedbacks from the business’ previous customers on forums.

References of the Vendor

Getting Diamonds on the Web

Purchasing black diamonds will give you a pleasant experience. You can find a wide variety of well-cut stones available at the best prices. It is not difficult to find a reputable jeweler online that you can trust for maintenance, setting a diamond, repairs and cleansing.

Author Bio: Jasmine has a strong passion for diamonds. Her interest is shown in many of her blogs that talk about black diamonds for anniversary.

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