Petite Shoes

Depending on your personal sense of style, shoes can play a big role. From creating an awesome outfit to simply feeling great, finding the right pair of shoes can be fun and exciting. That is of course if you have averaged sized feet. Despite women’s shoe sizes ranging from below 3 to above 9, it can be incredibly hard to find shoes on either extreme.

When it comes to petite shoes, the lack of selection often leads women to the children’s isle. Lacking the general professionalism and style that people want in day to day life, finding petite shoes can be incredibly challenging. Let’s take a look at what is considered ‘petite’ when it comes to shoe size, as well as where you can purchase petite shoes and what price you should expect to pay.

Petite Shoes

What Is Considered ‘Petite’

Petite is typically shoes that are size 3 and below in women’s. They are traditionally hard to come by. Because of this, many woman with small sized feet have had to shop in the children’s section. Thankfully, the problem of a lack of availability and choice is finally being addressed.

Where Can I Purchase Petite Shoes?

While you may get lucky in a typical shoe store, your best bet is online. There are a growing number of companies that specialize in petite shoe sizes. Spilling over into brick-n-mortar stores on occasion, these brands are consolidated online and provide a range of styles for you to choose from. In addition, most have return policies incase you are unsure about a fit.

What Should The Expected Price Be?

The price for petite shoes can vary between manufacturer and company. Typically, expect petite shoes to be around 10% more than identical shoes in larger sizes. The increase in cost is due to the market for petite shoes being so small and the small-scale industry that is currently set up. If and when a petite shoe manufacturer increases its base of clients, then newer equipment may help to bring the cost down in the future.

Getting Started

Growing into a specialty industry, petite shoes are now easier to find than ever before. There are several companies online that offer a range of quality shoes in petite sizes. Doing a search in your area online will often turn up at least 1 company whose stock you can browse through. Never shop in the children’s isle again. Instead, find the shoes you deserve to wear in your professional and everyday life.


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