Plus Size Women’s Swimwear Makes For A Fabulous Gift Idea

Plus Size Women’s Swimwear Makes For A Fabulous Gift Idea

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Plus size models are taking the world by storm; Ashley Graham was the first plus sized model to be featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and she is a role model for many women out there and proves that beauty comes in all sizes. She has appeared in many magazines and in numerous store ads and she has also spoken at various high schools about acceptance and how to keep a positive body image. She empowers girls to have positive self-esteem and not feel self-conscious or bad about their bodies.

Years ago,many lines of swimwear stopped at a certain size making it extremely frustrating to find the swimsuit you wanted in the size that you needed. Women of all sizes need to be able to find a swimsuit that makes them feel beautiful as swimwear should not only be an item for thinner women. Everyone enjoys going to the beach regardless of size, and Ashley Graham’s inspirational Ted Talk as well as her personal line of plus size swimwear (available at the plus size exclusive retailer swimsuitsforall) show that there are options out there for everyone.

Tess Holiday is another advocate for loving the body you are in right now. She launched the #effyourbeautystandards positive body movement. She was the first model of her size to get a modeling contract with major UK agency MiLK Management and continues to buck trends.

With women like Ashley and Tess taking over the world the fashion industry is starting to embrace larger women. The fashion world is more accepting these days and there are several high fashion retailers that specialize in plus sized clothing. Not all brick and mortar retailers offer every item in all sizes, and most have an abysmal selection in sizes above 6. Finding the best selection of swimwear online can be a much easier task when you know where to look, making it even easier to give her the perfect gift this season and let her pick out a new favorite swimsuit from among thousands of color and style variations. And unlike mall retailers plus size swimsuits are available all year round online.

Retailers such as swimsuitsforall specialize in swimwear ranging from size 8 to 34 and they offer many different styles of swimsuits such as

  • the classic one piece
  • the monokini
  • the high waisted bikini
  • the swimdress
  • the tankini

Many women travel to tropical beaches each year, as not everyone goes on vacation during the summer months. It is the ideal situation if women are able to find the swimwear they desire no matter which month of the year it might be.Many different colors and designs are available with the click of a mouse. Give her the perfect gift this holiday season with a vacation and a new swimsuit.


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