Setting the Trend with Your Wedding

Setting the Trend with Your Wedding

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Usually, the fashion is at its peak in a wedding ceremony and the simple act of getting tied in nuptial knot has now become the affair of great commercial importance. Guests are expected to follow dress code; the venue is decorated in the trendiest manner so that it can make people talk about it for days to come. Even the choice of the venue sets the attendants imagining about the status and the quality of experience expected there. All this has made wedding photography indispensable and you cannot afford to falter on this aspect while planning for the wedding.

wedding photography

Wedding Planner Comes with a Variety of Ideas

Right from the welcome note to be displayed at the venue entrance to what is going to be there in food almost everything is now taken care of by a wedding planner. They have a variety of packages that can be chosen, and on the basis of the power of the pocket, you can go to any limit in terms of impressing your clan as well as your beloved on the occasion of celebrating love and togetherness.

Wedding Planner

Fashion Trends for Wedding Occasion

  • Musical wedding: You can sit with your wedding planner and pick the ballads and other interesting numbers that are played at the background when the ceremonies are being performed. This helps look the wedding occasion very emotional and you have option to enjoy the music too. You can make your wedding look very interesting with music as a beautiful add-on to the whole setup.

Musical wedding

  • Special dresses for groomsmen and bridesmaids: You can make your bridesmaids and groomsmen look very special by getting their dresses designed in unique style. The group photographs due to this very reason look engaging, and you have a lot to carry for years to come in the form of fond memories of the occasion.


  • Unique wedding decors: Bouquet décor, flower décor, and interesting cupcake decors are very much in vogue where every corner of the wedding venue is decorated in uniform pattern. This also brings certain youthfulness to the whole setup.

wedding decors

  • Invitation cards with themes: Distributing the invitations has become a glimpse of what to expect at the occasion. So, these are designed using very unique ideas like church image or love stories’ era pieces as a theme. You can also add fragrance to the cards that makes them more interesting.

Invitation cards with themes

  • Bridal accessories: Bridal tiaras, trains, and veils have come again in vogue. These add a lot to the charm of the bride and make her feel like the princess that she always dreamed of. Bridal tiaras in rhinestone and alloy are available in large number of varieties, and these are known for unique carvings. You can get trains also attached to the bridal gowns and this accessory used to be an essential part of the formal church wedding earlier.

Bridal accessories

Wedding fashion, all in all, is mostly inspired by celebrities and fairy tales, and how you integrate it into your occasion is indicative of your styling sense.

Sian Trenberth shares some of the excellent ideas to make your wedding occasion attractive and guest-packed. He also reveals finest wedding photography concepts that can bring in complete satisfaction to the efforts you make.

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