Six Tips for Helping Make Your Athletic Shoes Last Longer

Depending on what type you buy, purchasing athletic shoes can be expensive, especially if you buy a well-known brand. Taking good care of your shoes can help you extend their life and save you some money. Here are six tips for caring for your athletic shoes so they stay looking nice and last longer.

Athletic Shoes Last Longer

Wear Only for Exercise

Whether you buy running shoes, walking shoes or cross trainers, you should only wear them when you’re working out. While they may be comfortable and you are tempted to wear them to go and buy groceries, you will wear them out faster, especially the cushioning.

Athletic Shoes Exercise

Dry Shoes Properly

If you enjoy exercising outdoors, your shoes may get wet as you run through puddles or if you are caught in a rain shower. To help them last longer, you need to take the time to dry your shoes properly. Don’t place them on a heat source, thinking they will dry faster, as the heat can dry out shoe leather and other materials. Instead, loosen the laces and remove the insoles so they can air dry. If they are soaked through, crumple up newspaper and stuff it into each shoe to help them thoroughly dry.

Dry Shoes Properly

Switch Shoes

If you work out on a daily basis, you should have two pairs of shoes between which you can alternate. By wearing a different pair every other day, you will help your shoes last longer because it gives them an opportunity to decompress. Since your feet sweat when exercising, switching between shoes will also give them a chance to dry and air out.

Switch Shoes

Take Your Time with Your Shoes

Instead of slipping your shoes off and on with the laces still tied, take the time to properly put on and take off your shoes. Untie the laces, slip on your shoes and tie them so your shoes fit properly. When you are ready to remove them, untie the laces and slip them off. For walking, running or working out at the gym, your shoes need to be laced properly so they help support your body.

slipping your shoes

Put Your Shoes Away

When you do take off your shoes after a workout, place them in a cool, dry area so they can air and dry out. Do not store shoes in your gym bag or put them in places like the trunk of your car. They won’t be able to air out properly and your shoes may end up smelly.

Put Your Shoes Away

Not Machine-washable

Well, you can toss your athletic shoes in the washing machine, but you can easily ruin them that way. Instead, clean your Skechers by washing them with a scrubbing brush, using cold water and a mild soap. After you have gotten them clean, allow them to air dry.

shoes in the washing

It is easy to take care of your athletic shoes and these tips can help save you hundreds of dollars as good workout shoes can be expensive. Treat your shoes right and they will keep supporting your body when you’re running or working out.


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