Staying Comfortable from the Wedding to the Reception

For a bride, the wedding day is the culmination of months of planning (and perhaps years of imagining). It’s a day to celebrate love, a day to be the center of attention, a day to attend the most lavish party most of us ever throw. Unfortunately, it’s usually a day in which the bride is incredibly uncomfortable for the majority of the proceedings. Women’s fashion can be cruel at times, and the more formal your wedding attire, the less comfortable you may find yourself. To make sure you’ll still be standing at the end of the reception, keep these tips in mind.

Wedding to the Reception


High heels have long been both popular and frowned upon for the wedding day. They’re definitely fashionable and elegant, but they’re also not the best choice for a day where you’ll be standing for hours at a time. And if you have a long gown, your shoes won’t show at all. So why not go for a more comfortable option? There are plenty of stylish yet comfortable kitten heels and ballet flats for the discerning bride. And if you’re a little more offbeat, show your spirit with a pair of Chuck Taylors in your wedding colors. At the very least, if you must have the fancy heels for the ceremony, toss a pair of ballet flats in your purse for the reception. Your feet will thank you, and you won’t end up dancing barefoot by the end of the night.

Wedding Shoes


When you’re looking for a dress, you may find yourself drawn to the elegant ball gowns covered in crystals or intricate beadwork. We’d recommend steering clear of the more elaborate ones, and not just for the cost: all of those crystals and beads are heavy. We’re talking an extra 5-15 pounds to carry around for the whole of the wedding and reception. If you’re still not convinced, drop a bowling ball in a backpack and wear it for a few hours. It’s not pleasant, right? In the same way, watch out for dresses with a structure bodice supported with boning. Those stiff plastic spines are meant to squeeze, and squeeze they will. We recommend going for a simpler dress, more soft and flowing, something you can wear all day into the night. Or, of course, you could go for the crazy elaborate dress for the ceremony, and just change into something more comfortable for when you do more physical things like holding onto wedding sparklers and dancing at the reception; but you’ll be denying yourself the pictures of you in your full bridal get-up on the dance floor.

Wedding Dress

Under the Dress

We’re going to put this as delicately as possible, okay? There’s a tendency among brides-to-be to buy a dress that’s too small and rely on body-sculpting undergarments to squeeze them into the right shape. And we get that you want to look your best on your wedding day, of course. But ask yourself how you want to remember the day: do you want to remember you looked fabulous, but were out-of-breath, uncomfortable, and overheated the whole time? Or do you want to remember that you looked fabulous and felt great? Because let’s be honest: you’re going to look great either way. You’ll be a bride on your wedding day; you can’t help but shine. So go for a dress that fits and ditch the Spanx.

Under the Dress

Any time women or men get all gussied up, there’s bound to be a bit of discomfort. With these tips, though, you can avoid the most uncomfortable parts and enjoy your day. Just make sure your dress and shoes are good for the long haul and you’ll be good to go.


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