The Stylish Way to Wear Your Elong Tee

The Stylish Way to Wear Your Elong Tee

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Chances are you’re taking your fashion cues from world famous rap stars and NBA athletes. While each celebrity brings their own spin on the latest urban wear fashions, the piece that they’re all wearing right now is the basic elong tee. It’s amazing to realize that a simple change of t-shirt can get you looking like your idols, but there it is; an elong tee is an easy addition to any wardrobe and can be paired up with your favorite pair of joggers, sneaks, snapback, and hoodie. Mix-and-match until you create the outfit that’s right for you.


It’s not just your favorite hip-hop artists and sport superstars that can inspire you to look your best. Instagram is full of streetwear personalities that have killer style. Other than their social media fame, these men are just like you; they just happen to be urban fashion icons! (Well, and men’s clothing designers too). To see how they pair up a basic tee, open up the app and start following the likes of Joe La Puma, Jeff Ng, Nigo, and James Bond (no, not that one). Once you have their pics on your feed, you can see how the elong tee pairs well with the tapered pant of a jogger or the distressed wash of biker denim. Snapbacks are rarely missing from these selfies, so find a hat that can top off your look du jour.

While many of these top Instagram posters have their own store, you don’t have travel all over the country to visit each of their storefronts. You can buy your elongtshirt online from the comfort of your own home, the library, a coffee shop – or anywhere else you can get WiFi! Forget about racking up your air miles, just open up your laptop and star searching the best brands, like New Era Apparel, Jordan Craig, 8and9 Clothing, and Crooks & Castles. You might even find an online special or promotion, making any of their tees or other pieces even more affordable than you’d expect!

Open up your favorite streetwear stylists in another tab; fire up Instagram on your phone and have it by your side; then try to match the look of your urban wear fashion icons. It’s the easiest way to keep your wardrobe fresh and simple. Eventually, you’ll have a style as unique as your choice hip-hop artists, ballers, and designers. Surprisingly, your own twist on urban wear can start with something as simple as a basic t-shirt.

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