Tips in Choosing Men’s Garments According to Body Types

Tips in Choosing Men’s Garments According to Body Types

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Your body type is an important consideration when you are shopping for men’s clothing. Choosing clothes that fits well according to your body size will make your feel comfortable. Whether you want to look simple, casual or dress up more for an occasion there are certain tips that you must know to help you find perfect clothing for your body type.

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Dressing well can be done easily once you understand what type of dress you can wear according to the kind of body shape you have. Different body types require different styles, patterns and cuts of clothing. Men have four general body types such as tall, heavy set, short and muscular. You can find a wide variety of Vio Jeans men’s clothing online that are perfect for all body types.

How to Choose Men’s Clothing Perfect for Your Body Type

For Tall Guys

  • You must not purchase clothes that will make you look taller like tight-fitting clothing Vertical pattern for clothes will not be a perfect choice as well. Choose a horizontal pattern in your clothing with round shoulders as this will make you appear wider.
  • Choose colored T-shirts to pair with your jeans. Don’t choose garments that will make you look too thin.
  • Find a good brand that can give you the best fit that would be perfect for your body proportion.

Vertical pattern for clothes

Heavy Set Body Type

  • Choose clothes that are form fitting but make sure it is not too tight. Your clothing should fit you perfectly without drawing attention to the areas of your body that you feel very conscious about.
  • Clothing with vertical patterns are ideal than the horizontal ones.
  • When wearing jeans you can wear a monochromatic T-shirt to slim down your body looks.
  • Don’t choose a double vented jacket so that the rear side of your body will not appear too bulky.

Heavy Set Body Type

For Short Men

  • Avoid wearing clothes with large prints because this will overwhelm your body and make you look even shorter.
  • T-shirts and polo shirts with smaller graphic prints are a good choice for an outfit.

T-shirts and polo shirts

For Men with Muscular Body Type

  • When choosing a suit jacket wear those that have less padding in the shoulder area.
  • Fitted T-shirts are great for muscular men who wanted to show off the muscles of their body.
  • Avoid too tight T-shirts as this will make you look awkward or uncomfortable.

Men with Muscular Body Type

Comfortable fitted clothing can be a perfect choice for all body types. This will determine whether you look good with the clothes you are wearing or not. It doesn’t really matter how expensive or cheap your clothes will be, the most important thing that you have to consider when making fashion statement is comfort and confidence. If you are self conscious about your clothes it would always show in your body language. There are a lot of options for men’s clothing online that you don’t have to worry about losing a chance to find the best garments to wear on a special occasion.

Comfortable fitted clothing for men

Tim works as a model for a famous men’s clothing company for ten years. He established his own boutique and sells great brands of men’s garments like Vio Jeans. As a salesperson he was able to build a good relationship with his customers; the reason why his business has been very successful.

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