Ways To Break Out Your Daily Style Rut Off With The Old, In With The New – Style That Is Totally You

Ways To Break Out Your Daily Style Rut Off With The Old, In With The New – Style That Is Totally You

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I had gotten into the habit of anything goes without thinking about the occasion as far as fashion is concerned. I had gotten into a style rut and I did know it until I moved to Dubai. The fashion trendy city turned me back into the old fashion loving person and I started wearing trendy clothes and accessories that matched the occasion. And with technological advances, I did the best online shopping in UAE right from my home. I was able to break free from the style rut I had fallen into. If you find yourself singing that iconic song by Queen – I want to break free especially in relation to your style then you need bold, successful and easy fixes. Here are some ways to break out from your daily style rut.


Start with your footwear

If you love your high heels and have them in almost every color and height, then it may be time to make a drastic switch from high heels to flats. Indeed, you cannot wear a flat pair of footwear for every function but why not try doing it with a difference? You can find some amazing choices when it comes to flats and all you need to do is to look for:

  • Leading brands of footwear such as Nomadic State of Mind, Anta and Silvia Rebatto.
  • Unusual flats such as the ones with straps made of multicolored ropes or even shoes that bring together embellishments such as buttons and bows
  • Footwear that resemble classic moccasins and so on.

Make your color choices differently

Typically, people choose some very standard combinations and for sure, your wardrobe consists of the same. For instance, a white T-shirt undershirt with blue jeans is a rather classic and traditional choice. But, if you find yourself wearing these choices more often, then it is time to pair color with color. How do you manage to achieve this?

Very simple, you can use the color wheel which is a very interesting way in which you can make your choices. You can also do something completely unexpected such as:

  • Pairing pink with red
  • Boosting your neutrals by pairing them with solid and bright colors – think beige top and hot yellow skirt
  • Going completely monochrome as far as your clothes are concerned and providing accents of colors with your choice of accessories.

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Which brings us to accessories…

One of the easiest ways in which you can break out of your daily style rut is to choose the right kind of accessories and go with the choices that you would not make normally. For instance, if your style tends towards delicate and slim jewelry and wristwatches, then it is time for you to go completely chunky as far as jewelry is concerned.

You could also apply the same rule for your choice of accessories such as shoes, bags, sunglasses and so on. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Opt for unusual motifs and designs such as tribal earrings or a wristwatch that brings together leather and crystal
  • If you already wear a lot of color then switch to plain silver or crystal jewelry
  • Wristwatches with a lot of bling and unusual dial shapes or bracelets is also a fabulous way in which you can do something different with your wardrobe.

It is simply a question of doing something opposite to what you have been doing so far. For instance, if you have been wearing flats go for high heels and if you have been wearing bright lipsticks then go for nude or even sheer lip gloss. You will find yourself enjoying the different faces staring back at you from your mirror!

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