Wedding Gifts Don’t Get Much More Personal Than This

Wedding Gifts Don’t Get Much More Personal Than This

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There is something about a wedding that excites everyone, even if they are not the central ‘characters’ (the bride or the groom). The fact that two people choose to blend their lives and to start a completely new one, the love, the partying, the fact that you get to see your dear ones happy – all these things naturally come with a wedding, especially when you are close to the bride or to the groom. And regardless of whether you are a family member or a friend, you will want to be part of this important moment in the happy couple’s lives.

Wedding Gifts

And naturally, you’ll want to offer them a gift they won’t forget.

Wedding gifts should be personal. After all, this is not your boss’s birthday, but your friends’, your brother’s, your sister’s or your cousin’s wedding day. You will want to offer them a gift that has true personality, that will be appreciated and that will be memorable.

Handmade wedding jewellery can be a great choice, especially if you are among those who like getting a bit crafty and who prefer creating their own gifts to buying stuff ‘off-the-shelf’. If you want to find out more about this, read on.


Jewellery Making – An Art You Can Learn

A few words of warning: jewellery making isn’t easy. You will have to start off by learning the basic techniques and materials. Nowadays, there are so many jewellery making supplies available that you may even get confused by the wide range of things you may want to use. Begin with the basic supplies and tools, such as paint brushes and special cutters – these are the things you will most likely need first. The Cooksongold jewellery making range is a good place to start.

Further on, move to other types of supplies, the ones that make for the jewellery pieces themselves: chains, pendants, beads, precious metal clay and any other material that may inspire you. Last, but definitely not least, do not forget to learn some techniques (such as the “milleflori” technique for polymer clay), to make sure that you are doing your best with your dear ones’ wedding gift.

Jewellery Making

A Wedding Gift

Making jewellery yourself can be extremely fun and exciting, but do keep in mind the purpose of this process: the wedding. Keep both the groom and the bride in mind and make sure that what you make will be suitable for this occasion. Of course, they do not necessarily have to wear what you made for them during their wedding day, but it should still be something that will look festive and nice. Choose beads that are at least semi-precious. Attention to detail is key, and you should make sure that you choose a design that will be appreciated (crude humour and kitschy colours don’t go particularly well with weddings).

If you think offering the groom a personalised jewellery gift for his wedding day may be difficult, then think of the accessories he may use. It may be a lighter, it may be his phone. Whichever it is, you can make something for it: a cover, for example. Allow your imagination to run wild and you will find the best and most personal solution for your wedding gift.

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