Wedding Planning: Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Wedding Planning: Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

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Every woman wants her dream wedding, but at what cost? When it comes to organizing the perfect wedding, some of us need a little help along the way. Getting a wedding planner to help you sort out your big day might sound like an attractive idea, but is it right for you? If you’re not sure, you need to decide soon. If you are planning a wedding in the next twelve months, you need to start early. So, do you need to hire a professional?

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Why get a wedding planner?

There are many reasons you might think that you need a wedding planner. If you have a hectic work life or your wedding is soon, you may feel as though you don’t have time to plan your big day. Many brides panic in the lead up to their wedding day. They feel as though they can’t handle the responsibility of planning a wedding. That is perfectly natural. One of the advantages to hiring a planner is that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Some brides find that hiring a planner makes the experience easy for them. For others, it’s a different story; they hate the idea of giving the reins to a stranger, and so would rather plan the day themselves.

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Time restraints vs. your budget

When you are deciding whether you need a professional, you should weigh things up. What is more important to you – finances or time? If you feel as though you don’t have enough time to plan your wedding, you might want to opt to hire a planner. If you have loads of time, but no budget, you should plan your wedding yourself. Of course, it is not always that clean cut. You need to ensure that you decide what is most important to you.

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Can somebody else help?

Before you rush into hiring a planner, think about the people around you. Is there anyone close to you who could help you plan your wedding? You don’t need to take on the full responsibility of planning your wedding. If someone else can help you, it might make sense to work together to plan the big day. Maybe your sister or your best friend has some time on her hands. Ask people if they are willing to help you before you decide that they will.

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Things you can do yourself

If you do hire a wedding planner, there are a few things you can do yourself to save money. For example, hiring your venue directly through a vendor will save you paying your planner any commission. You don’t need to be an expert to know where to find the right venue. Online articles on sites like can explain the entire process in easy steps.

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Do you need a full-service planner?

A full-service planner is a planner who is at your side throughout the planning process. She will take care of every aspect of your wedding from your dress to your flower arrangements. If you want someone to plan every detail of your wedding for you, you should opt for this service. If you just need a little extra help, but still want control, you can hire an assistant for a few days instead.

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Choosing the right planner for you

Choosing the right planner for you is difficult. When you hire someone, you need to be sure that they are the right person for the job. Many brides forget that they need to get on with their wedding planner. You will need to communicate with your planner every week, and so it is important that you like them. Meet a few different planners so that you can find the right one for you.

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